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Dear Misha (& Miss Jean Louis):

I live in Northern Virginia and work two blocks from the Capitol. I have received multiple requests from friends to help them with item #130 in GISHWHES (Eight women each holding up one of the letters; G, I, S, H, W, H, E, S, to spell GISHWHES in front of a monument in the capital city of their country.) It would be a rather easy proposition for me to get together seven co-workers and trek to the Washington Monument to get this image for a team of my choosing.

But I am a patriot! And I would like, should I do this, for my image to count for EVERY SINGLE TEAM that asks me!

(Naturally I would also be using this as a personal marketing endeavor - along with each copy of the photograph I would send each team a CD of my breakout single - not yet written, but if you like you can choose the topic - a link to my various blogs and social networking sites, and a teaser for my upcoming romance novel. Hey, capitalism is patriotic too!)

So if you are the patriot I know you are - despite the fact that you tend to film in *gasp* Vancouver and want to boost the economy of *gasp* Rome instead of taking your winning team out for good old-fashioned American spaghetti - will you kindly reach out personally to let me know this is permissible? Because I don’t think I can bring myself to choose one team over another. My loyalty to my friends and fellow minions just won’t allow it!

I look forward to hearing from you. Forever a fan,


P.S. I’m not entirely serious about the personal marketing, but if you did give me a topic I really would write a song about it. Ask Mr. Speight, who has been a past recipient of my creative endeavors and rewarded me with a vibrator and some extra-large condoms!

P.P.S. Dead serious about the romance novel, though. I’d send you a comp copy but I don’t think, based on your previous public statements you’d love to read it. Mostly because there’s no threesome with pie.

P.P.P.S. I’m putting the R-rated stuff in the postscripts because I’m conscious of family audiences. Aren’t I kind?
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7x01 icons.

Credit to [livejournal.com profile] true_fellings for the wonderful screencaps. <3

Comments are essential - credit is appreciated but not required. Enjoy :)

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