Dec. 20th, 2012

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Hawaii 5-0

Red Flowers (H50, gen, Steve/Danny possible pre-slash, G) - 1,182 words


Five Conversations Dean and Cas Didn't Have at Christmastime (and one they did) (Dean/Cas, PG-13) - 4,805 words
Messages (gen, possible Dean/Cas preslash, 7x17 coda fic, PG) - 2,970 words
Moonshine Lullaby (NC-17, co-written with [ profile] akadougal - 38,788 words
The Long, Dark Night of the Soul (with Sam/Jody as well, PG-13) - 28,580 words
Lullaby (PG) - 4,751 words
Let the Altars Shine (NC-17) - 70,339 words
Four Kisses After Purgatory (PG-13) - 2,701 words
I Wanna Take Your Hand (and make it feel so right) (NC-17) - 1,447 words
Just Kisses (NC-17) - 2,336 words
Like Winchesters for Chocolate (Also Sam/Gabriel, R) - 9,213 words

Dean/OMC (with Dean/Castiel hints)
Out of Light, Out of Air (NC-17) - 5,313 words

Happy Thoughts (NC-17) - 3,236 words

Sam/Dean/Castiel (NC-17) - 33,542 words

Off Empire State Out of the Moon (Harvey/Mike, NC-17) - 22,862 words
Terrified (Harvey/Mike, 2x01 coda) - 2,016 words
Crossing Lines (Harvey/Mike, PG) - 2,166 words

Teen Wolf
Picking Up These Pieces (That I Tried to Hide) (Derek/Stiles, PG-13) - 2,153 words
Afterschool Special (gen, possible Derek/Stiles, PG-13) - 2,892 words
Isn't It Romantic (Derek/Stiles, PG) - 2,518 words
Bedtime Story (gen, with Derek/Stiles hints, PG) - 1,484 words
These Are The Things About You (Derek/Stiles, NC-17) - 5,001 words

For a total of 250,295 words this year!

There have been *countless* other short fics, drabbles, pornlets and ficlets, but these are the ones that seemed popular and/or quality enough to count in the final reckoning.

End-of-year fic memes and whatnot to come, because they're fun :D
tiptoe39: a girl with magical powers should never be taken lightly (usagi default)
Title: Like Winchesters for Chocolate
Author: [ profile] tiptoe39
Rating: R for heavy makeouts/extended but not explicit sex scenes
Genre and/or Pairing: Romance, Humor - Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Aphrodisiac-induced sex
Word Count: 9500
Notes/Prompts: For xsnappapplex for the Secret Lover Exchange III at [ profile] team_free_love. Thanks to akadougal for the beta!

Summary: Castiel doesn’t want to join his brother Gabriel in the family business (feeding people, sweetening things). So Gabriel hires Castiel’s crush, Dean, as a candy-making apprentice. But it turns out that when Dean makes sweets, they turn out... special.

They have this argument a lot.


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