Feb. 28th, 2010

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February Fandom Roundup

I wrote a loooot this month -- in just 28 days I wrote very close to 40,000 words. And that doesn't count my WIPs and the exchange fic that has yet to be posted! It's a tad overwhelming.

Fic and drabbles
The starred ones are the best ones, which made it into my perma-listing


The Closet Door (Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabe, PG) - Gabriel locks Dean and Cas in a closet until they figure out what's going on between them... meanwhile, he has some confessions of his own to make.

Stay Away (Sam/Gabriel, PG-13) - Sam keeps telling Gabriel to stay away. Gabriel keeps not doing it.

*A Reason to Go On (PG) - 5x14 coda fic. Castiel hears Dean's plea for help.

Five AUs Where Dean and Castiel Fell in Love, and One Where They Didn't (PG-13) - Self-explanatory draft-fic.

Twenty Days Later (Dean/Castiel, PG) - Unfinished not-quite-a-fic.

Report From San Diego Comic Con 2012, Day 2 - Supernatural Panel - Because hope springs eternal. Crack!

*The Weight of Change (Dean/Castiel, R) - Castiel never used to act like this. It pisses Dean off.

Take Me (Sam/Gabriel, NC-17) - Gabriel takes Sam places. Places where he takes Sam.

*Cravings (Dean/Castiel, NC-17) - Those aren't the cravings Castiel wants to talk about.

Food Porn (Sam/Dean, NC-17) - Dean doesn't do pick-up sticks.

Heavenly Reward (Dean/Castiel, Sam/Castiel, John/Castiel, NC-17) - Kink-meme-fic - Castiel is their reward in Heaven

Need You (Dean/Castiel, NC-17) - H/C after 5x14 plus wing!porn, kink-meme-fic.

Ivory Tower (Dean/Sam, NC-17) - Slightly underage (16) Sam/OMC is interrupted by Dean who can't hold back any longer. Kink-meme-fic.



Drabble: Adam/Monica, regrets
Drabble: Matt/Mohinder, disability
Drabble: Adam/Monica, angels
Drabble: Adam/Monica, regrets II (crack fic!)
Drabble: Matt/Mohinder, your daughter


Drabble: Astrid/Walter, cravings
Drabble: Fringe team, OK for whom?


Torchwood/DW drabble: Gwen/Ten, can't touch
Psych drabble: Shawn/Lassiter, undercover

[livejournal.com profile] heroes_slash awards:
Five Times Mohinder Dreamed of Sylar and One Time He Didn't: Runner-up for Best Overall Fic (!!!!!!)

Sylar's Ass: The Epic:
Runner-up for Best Crack Fic
Runner-up for Best Humor Fic

The Best Revenge:
Runner-up for Best Threesome Fic (R-NC17)
Runner-up for Best Other Female Characterization in a Fic

Walk This Way: Runner-Up for Best Luke Characterization in a Fic

I am truly honored and blessed!! :) :) :)

21 Supernatural, 16 Fringe, and 14 Heroes icons
16 Supernatural icons

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  • "My Bloody Valentine"

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