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I went to my local AT&T store, and there's this lot around back with all these classic and antique cars, and so I wandered back to see if they might have... well... you know... my chances were pretty much nil, but I just figured I'd...




Their website says it's a '65, but the guy in the shop said it was a '67, and they had absolutely NO idea it was a Car With Meaning. It's around the frigging CORNER, guys! I can go see it ANYTIME I WANT!!!

Fffffffffff! Geeking out like crazy!

I shot a brief video of it here FWIW.
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December Fandom Roundup

What an amazing year this has been fannishly for me. I'm so grateful to have fallen into the SPN fandom, where, rumors of craziness notwithstanding, I have met some of the kindest, most mature and most creative-to-the-point-of-genius people I've ever had the privilege to get to know. And it's been amazing for me fannishly as well.

I have made a database of all my fics & drabbles so extensive that it's barely filled out (if you're bored feel free to fill it in). I have counted 45 full fics and 334 drabbles this year.

For a final, staggering word count of


HOLY CRAP you guys, I barely did 150 K last year IIRC!

The roundup is so long that I put it under a cut this month )
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I wrote 52,593 words this month. So even without competing in Nano, I won it! XD
* denotes my personal favorites


* Strange New Worlds (gen, PG-13) - For [livejournal.com profile] spn_reversebang. A Sci-Fi reinterpretation of Supernatural, featuring the metal angel CAS/T/L, an Impala cruiser, and the planet Wisconsin. Features absolutely amazing art by [livejournal.com profile] extraonions.

To Have Faith Is to Have Wings (Dean/Gabriel, PG) - Gabriel comes back. Dean deals with it. Title from J.M. Barrie.

* Storm (Dean/Castiel/Gabriel, NC-17) - Dean has keraunophilia (he is aroused by thunderstorms). So do I. Thus it was super fun to write this.

* Heavy Communication (Sam/Dean/Castiel/Gabriel, NC-17) For the Secret Lovers exchange at [livejournal.com profile] team_free_love - the Ultimate OT4 Fic I always wanted to write. Loved writing every word of this.




Other pairings

Other fandoms


On 6x07 and the shape of the season - has now been thoroughly Jossed, but I still like my idea (written before 6x07)
6x07 meta
6x08 meta


50 icons from 6x06 and 6x07

Other Art

Anime girl!OT4 drawing
Seven banners from Season 6 promo shots
SPN Sims comic strips
More SPN Sims comic strips
And I went and started an account at tegaki.org.


I troll Omegle impersonating Crowley.
And I do it again. WTF, self.
Oh, yeah, and I’ve started a tumblr!!
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October 2010 Fandom Roundup

Word count this month: 20190

Fanfic and drabbles

Supernatural, Supernatural RPS

Dean/Sampala gift ficlet - Dirty talking and leaking cars, man. What else could you want? (NC-17)

Never Cross the Canadian Border (Dean/Castiel/Jared/Jensen, NC-17) - Total crack!fic. Dean and Cas end up in Jared and Jensen's trailer. Dean wishes his alternate self could stop kissing his alternate brother. Talk about the definition of "hot mess."

Senseless (Dean/Castiel, NC-17) Castiel is human and having some trouble with his senses being so limited. Sensory deprivation kink.

Dawn (Sam/Gabriel, PG) - A sequel to the Sam/Gabriel oceans drabble. Sam finds Gabriel on the beach at dawn.

Dean/Castiel AU Tentacle Porn. (Dean/Castiel, NC-17) - I wrote this for a kink meme and got more comments on it than on most of my standalone fics. Castiel's rather Mohinderlike in this. And yeah, tentacle porn.

Rain Man (Dean/Cas AU, PG) - They're the only people in the neighborhood who like taking walks in the rain.


Drabbles (ADULT):


Please Save My Earth
Five Things Hajime Couldn't Stand About Rin... and One Thing He Could (Alice/Rin, gen Hajime, PG-13) - Self-explanatory. Hajime can't stand Rin... most of the time.


Created [livejournal.com profile] onlinespncon for alternate activities during Chicon - and possibly future cons, too. Con activities included:
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Tiptoe39's Fandom Roundup: September 2010

This month I wrote more than 30,000 words!
My favorites are asterisked ;D *

Fanfic and drabbles


Hot Stuff (Sam/Gabriel, NC-17) - Gift!fic; shower sex. Gabriel thinks he is hot stuff.
Last Friday Night (Sam/Gabriel/Jess, NC-17) - Pledgemaster Gabriel is hazing his new recruits, but one of 'em came to pledge week with his girlfriend in tow.
* Sanctuary (Dean/Castiel, NC-17) - AU. On his way home from Iraq, a young soldier meets a stranger on a train. They're both in search of uncertain homes.
Heavenly Hands (Sam/Gabriel, PG-13) - Gift!fic; Gabriel offers the guys a massage after a tough hunt.
* Jimmy's Choice (gen; Jimmy Novak, OMC, ?) - Jimmy has built a world for himself inside the prison of his mind. A stranger enters it.
* We All Scream (Sam/Trickster, PG-13) - Gift!fic. The Trickster is whetting Sam's appetite in an interesting way.
Pick-Up Line Hell (Sam/Gabriel, PG) - Gift!fic. Gabriel uses bad pick-up lines on Sam.


I also participated in a September Twitfic Challenge (not included in word count)

Other Fandoms



* You Raise Me Up (Dean & Castiel - PG)


Meta on 6x01 - Exile on Main Street


Translation of of a Japanese page with a quote from Jared and Jensen about the SPN anime
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Fandom Roundup - June and July 2010

Fanfic and drabbles


The Baking Angel (Dean/Castiel, some Sam/Gabriel, PG-13) - Castiel and Gabriel have been running their bakeshop for thirty years, waiting for the Vessels to show and signal the end of the world. When the waiting ends, the two brother angels find their loyalties -- and their world -- changing. Romance, brotherly love, and a hefty dose of brown sugar. In seven parts - link is to the master post with beautiful art by [livejournal.com profile] bumblee!!

On a Boat (Sam/Gabriel, PG-13) - Sam's on a boat. Something smells.

Wedding Day (Dean/Castiel, PG) - It's Dean's wedding day.

Mother's Day Present (gen, Ellen & Mary, PG) - Two mothers meet for tea and conversation in Heaven.

Christmas Baby (gen, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Chuck) - Team Free Will's tree-decorating is interrupted by a phone call.

Please (Dean/Castiel, NC-17) - With Sam gone, Castiel is all Dean has left. And that's why Cas can't leave.

For Heaven's Sake (Dean/Castiel, NC-17) - Some weird-ass bondage up in here.



A Vacation (Doctor Who, Eleven/Amy, PG) - Amy thinks the Doctor needs a vacation.
Drabble: How Dr. Jacob Glaser's life was saved (Doctor Who/Stonehenge Apocalypse!!! :DDDD)


Thoughts on the Supernatural anime (mostly about the use of language)

Convention reporting - New Jersey "Salute to Supernatural" Con

tiptoe39: a girl with magical powers should never be taken lightly (fandom)


His Garden (Gen; Castiel, Joshua, PG) - Castiel finds himself in a strange place with strange company.

A Little Bubbly (Sam/Gabriel, NC-17) - Fun times in a hot tub.



Untitled (Peter/Olivia, NC-17) - What happens after Olivia first sees the glimmer

Drabble: Enjoy It (Astrid/Walter - PG-13)

  • Supernatural 5x16 - Dark Side of the Moon

  • Supernatural 5x17 - 99 Problems

  • Supernatural 5x18 - Point of No Return


  • Castiel Has Anime Eyes picspam



  • Supernatural Post-5x19 Fix-It Meme
  • tiptoe39: a girl with magical powers should never be taken lightly (creative)

    March Fandom Roundup

    Fanfic & drabbles
    Note: I'm including my WIP Amnesty drabbles & unfinished fics, because I continue to be a whore.


    The Binding (Dean/Castiel, NC-17) - They've found a way to keep Michael out of Dean... a very interesting way.

    Chaperone Duty (Sam/Gabriel, NC-17) - Gabriel has to deal with a drunk Dean and Sam. Especially a drunk Sam.

    Not Talking About It (Dean/Castiel, NC-17) - Castiel catches Dean jerking off. And watches. And tries.

    Drabbles and short WIPs:
    To save time/room, I've only included the drabbles that weren't in my drabble dumps -- oh, OK, and a few of the ones that were that I think are worthy. Remember what I said about being a whore?


    Animal Instinct (Luke/Lyle, PG) - Lyle discovers he has a power, and makes a friend. Unfinished WIP, 6000+ words before I abandoned it.

    Untitled (Sylar solo, NC-17) - Sylar thinks of Mohinder and gets BDSM on himself.

    Prayers (Peter/Nathan, NC-17) - Peter prays for Nathan's touch.

    Let's Pretend (Mohinder/Sylar, R) - Sylar challenges Mohinder to pretend, for a few days, that they have no past between them. Unfinished.

    Scents of the Season: Tis the Season (Mohinder/Sylar, NC-17) - The third in my Christmas-fic AU series. Unfinished WIP.

    Drabbles and short WIPs:


    A GIFspam story on how I feel about not being at home to watch SPN



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    February Fandom Roundup

    I wrote a loooot this month -- in just 28 days I wrote very close to 40,000 words. And that doesn't count my WIPs and the exchange fic that has yet to be posted! It's a tad overwhelming.

    Fic and drabbles
    The starred ones are the best ones, which made it into my perma-listing


    The Closet Door (Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabe, PG) - Gabriel locks Dean and Cas in a closet until they figure out what's going on between them... meanwhile, he has some confessions of his own to make.

    Stay Away (Sam/Gabriel, PG-13) - Sam keeps telling Gabriel to stay away. Gabriel keeps not doing it.

    *A Reason to Go On (PG) - 5x14 coda fic. Castiel hears Dean's plea for help.

    Five AUs Where Dean and Castiel Fell in Love, and One Where They Didn't (PG-13) - Self-explanatory draft-fic.

    Twenty Days Later (Dean/Castiel, PG) - Unfinished not-quite-a-fic.

    Report From San Diego Comic Con 2012, Day 2 - Supernatural Panel - Because hope springs eternal. Crack!

    *The Weight of Change (Dean/Castiel, R) - Castiel never used to act like this. It pisses Dean off.

    Take Me (Sam/Gabriel, NC-17) - Gabriel takes Sam places. Places where he takes Sam.

    *Cravings (Dean/Castiel, NC-17) - Those aren't the cravings Castiel wants to talk about.

    Food Porn (Sam/Dean, NC-17) - Dean doesn't do pick-up sticks.

    Heavenly Reward (Dean/Castiel, Sam/Castiel, John/Castiel, NC-17) - Kink-meme-fic - Castiel is their reward in Heaven

    Need You (Dean/Castiel, NC-17) - H/C after 5x14 plus wing!porn, kink-meme-fic.

    Ivory Tower (Dean/Sam, NC-17) - Slightly underage (16) Sam/OMC is interrupted by Dean who can't hold back any longer. Kink-meme-fic.



    Drabble: Adam/Monica, regrets
    Drabble: Matt/Mohinder, disability
    Drabble: Adam/Monica, angels
    Drabble: Adam/Monica, regrets II (crack fic!)
    Drabble: Matt/Mohinder, your daughter


    Drabble: Astrid/Walter, cravings
    Drabble: Fringe team, OK for whom?


    Torchwood/DW drabble: Gwen/Ten, can't touch
    Psych drabble: Shawn/Lassiter, undercover

    [livejournal.com profile] heroes_slash awards:
    Five Times Mohinder Dreamed of Sylar and One Time He Didn't: Runner-up for Best Overall Fic (!!!!!!)

    Sylar's Ass: The Epic:
    Runner-up for Best Crack Fic
    Runner-up for Best Humor Fic

    The Best Revenge:
    Runner-up for Best Threesome Fic (R-NC17)
    Runner-up for Best Other Female Characterization in a Fic

    Walk This Way: Runner-Up for Best Luke Characterization in a Fic

    I am truly honored and blessed!! :) :) :)

    21 Supernatural, 16 Fringe, and 14 Heroes icons
    16 Supernatural icons

  • "The Wall"
  • Season finale

  • "The Song Remains the Same"
  • "My Bloody Valentine"

    The Character Association Meme
  • tiptoe39: a girl with magical powers should never be taken lightly (big deal cas)


    The Best Revenge (Claire/Elle/Sylar, NC-17)
    Five Times Mohinder Dreamed of Sylar (and One Time He Didn't) (Mohinder/Sylar, PG-13 to light R)
    Drabble: Sick (Peter/Sylar, PG)
    Drabble: Coyote Sands (Mohinder/Sylar, R)
    Drabble: Be My Valentine (Claire/Gretchen, NC-17)

    Beside the Highway (Castiel gen; with fanmix)
    Fast Learner (Dean/Cas, PG-13)
    Let Them Burn (Gabriel gen, PG)
    Pretty Good (Sam/Gabriel, PG)
    The BAMF!Cas sequence (Dean/Cas, NC-17):

    Belong (Sam/Dean/Castiel, NC-17)
    Drabble: Captured (Dean/Castiel AU, PG)
    Drabble: Birthday Cake (Dean/Castiel, PG)
    Drabble: The Blue Room (Dean/Castiel, PG-13)
    Drabble: Afternoon Sun (Dean/Sam, PG-13 to R)
    Drabble: Sanctuary (Dean/Sam, PG-13)
    Drabble: Sweaty (Dean/Castiel, NC-17)
    Drabble: Trust Me (Dean/Castiel, R)
    Drabble: Stripped (Dean/Sam, R)
    Drabble: Of Puns and Peckers (Dean/Castiel, NC-17)
    Drabble: Gabriel's jealous and punishes those responsible in original ways.
    Drabble: Gabriel's hurt and seeks the boys' protection.
    Drabble: Gabriel ties Sam up.
    Drabble: Gabriel vs. Raphael.

    Drabble: Spicy Chicken (Torchwood/Firefly, Jack/Mal, PG)
    Drabble: Violent (DCU, Helena Bertinelli/OMC, NC-17)
    Drabble: Greedy Hands (Doctor Who, Doctor/Master, NC-17)
    Drabble: The Mighty 'Fro (Firefly, Zoe/Wash, NC-17)
    Drabble: Hearthfire (Merlin, Arthur/Merlin/Gwen/Morgana, NC-17)

    Original Fiction
    Siren, Chapter 1
    Crimson Fire, Scene 1


    January 18 episode

    Doctor Who
    The End of Time, Part II

    5x11: "Sam, Interrupted" (and an addendum)
    5x12: Swap Meat

    January 28 episode

    Supernatural/LoTR manip
    tiptoe39: a girl with magical powers should never be taken lightly (fanfic)
    Year-end recap: This year I wrote over 175,000 words of fanfic, plus over 50,000 words of original fiction.

    This is the year I
    * learned to meditate.
    * lost many friends but learned many lessons.
    * wrote a novel, and discovered I wanted to write another.
    * finally found my balance.
    * moved, and moved on.

    For next year I wish for
    * you to be happy.

    December Fandom Roundup

    reflecting my sudden hard right turn into SPN fangirl territory

    Fic and Drabbles
    Scents of the Season: Holiday Suprise (Mohinder/Sylar, NC-17)
    Scents of the Season: Candy Cane (Mohinder/Sylar, NC-17)
    Drabble: Samuel/Claire - Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood
    Drabble: Matt/Mohinder - Mohinder's new strength is something of an obstacle in the bedroom (adult)

    Human Need (Dean/Castiel, NC-17)
    World Without End, Amen - 12 parts, plus a coda (Dean/Castiel pre-slash; PG)
    Trust and Comfort (Dean/Sam/Castiel, NC-17)
    Thin Ice (Sam/Gabriel, NC-17)
    Christmas Present (Dean/Castiel, NC-17)
    Slow Dance (Dean/Castiel, PG)
    Dean/Cas picture prompt
    Dean/Cas - Harvest Moon
    Sam/Dean - Sam tries to make Dean's birthday special
    Bobby grills Cas about his intentions
    Sam/Castiel h/c
    Sam/Dean kissing in the snow
    Dean/Cas - you only thought you knew me
    Dean/Cas, the morning after
    Dean/Cas, When the Man Comes Around
    Dean gets caught trying on Cas' trenchcoat
    Cas POV - How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you
    Dean/Cas - a stolen kiss under the stars
    Dean/Cas - Learn to knock
    Dean/Cas, 30 minutes alone
    Prompt: Michael was the one who resurrected Castiel
    Dean/Cas AU: Castiel owns a bake shop and Dean is his favorite customer
    Castiel brings Dean Christmas candy
    Sam & Dean, prompt: aver - to state as fact
    Gabriel's first time on Earth
    Dean/Cas, saving grace adult
    Sam/Dean/Castiel/Gabriel - the sex lasts for days adult
    Dean/Cas, lust adult
    Dean/Cas, wing!porn adult
    Dean bodyswaps with a girl who comes on to Cas in his body adult

    Heroes: The Fifth Stage

    The Fanfiction Love Meme
    Holiday love meme
    The I Am Meme

    Supernatural, Doctor Who, Penny Arcade and Pokemon icons

    Other graphics
    New header image - [livejournal.com profile] tiptoe39 [livejournal.com profile] tiptoe39 [livejournal.com profile] tiptoe39
    Happy Grunnukah


    Happy New Year!

    tiptoe39: a girl with magical powers should never be taken lightly (i'm the queen)
    As requested in the Truth or Dare Meme ...

    Officer Park-That-Ass-Right-Here
    A Heroes drabble by [livejournal.com profile] speccygeekgrrl
    read by [livejournal.com profile] tiptoe39

    Download it here! Laugh at my girly!Mohinder! Be unable to understand half the things I say because my audio program sucks eggs!

    As for the other dare I received, don't you worry, honey, it is coming, and in epic form! Notice how that Third Date drabble I wrote for you wasn't in my fandom roundup this month? That's cause it will not be a drabble when you next see it. :D
    tiptoe39: a girl with magical powers should never be taken lightly (fandom)
    A VERY busy month for me and fandom...

    Fandom Roundup: September Edition

    Fanfics and Drabbles
    The Paradise Academy, Chapter 3 (NC-17) - Prince Mohinder spars with Sylar, pursues Claire, and bonds with Matt.
    Blue Skies (NC-17) - Claude has a horny and shameless Peter on his hands.
    Happy Birthday (PG) - On the morning of Peter's 20th birthday, Nathan kissed him.
    Drabble: Claire is disappointed in her drinking buddies.
    Drabble: Mohinder's pulled over by a cop, but not the one he expects.
    Drabble: Hiro comes across some fanfic with him and Ando.
    Drabble: Mohinder and Peter are friends, but sometimes...
    Drabble: AU. Food critic!Mohinder wrote a scathing review of Matt's Grill, but something else is cooking.
    Drabble: AU. Paradise Academy!verse. Prince Mohinder is enchanted by the herald Daphne.
    Drabble: (adult) Adam and Elle get fighting and get naked and get... some.
    Drabble: (adult) Nathan teases Peter with a zeppole, and Peter's sweet tooth takes over.
    Drabble: (adult) Nathan walks in on Peter and Elle, and his disgust doesn't last.
    Drabble: (adult) Matt uses his mind control powers, but that doesn't mean Nathan's not willing.
    Drabble: (adult) Adam and Monica do a little roleplaying, but Monica doesn't like her role.
    Drabble: (adult) Daphne leads Peter and Sylar on a merry chase to get what she wants.

    Drabble: Astrid likes it when Walter flails.
    Drabble: Astrid's crush on Olivia is getting bad.

    Unrequited (PG) - Jack finds out Owen's been sleeping with Gwen. He's pissed. Owen's... something else.
    Drabble: Everyone at Torchwood suddenly stops censoring their thoughts.
    Drabble: Jack has little regard for the social norms of the 1920s.

    Olympian (PG) - Nine short stories based in Greek myth
    Drabble: Dean and Sam are under a curse and can only speak in limericks.

    Drabble: (adult) Anthy gives Utena the royal treatment.

    Drabble: (adult) Gus thinks this is a bad time for Shawn to laugh.

    Drabble: (adult) Merlin has Arthur in chains and at his mercy.

    Sailor Moon
    Drabble: (adult) Mamoru has boyhood memories of Fiore.

    Mononoke Hime
    Drabble: (adult) Ashitaka and San meet under the full moon.

    The Prime Directive (R) - Jim Kirk and Peter Petrelli come face to face for a second time.
    Drabble: (adult) Mohinder likes Toshiko in glasses.
    Drabble: (adult) Adam Monroe drowns his sorrows with (and in) a certain vampire named Spike.

    Screencaps from the Sims 2:

    America's Next Top Model, Fringe, and Heroes icons

    Heroes 4x01-02 and Fringe 2x01

    America's Next Top Model 13x1-2
    Fringe 2x01
    Heroes 4x01-02
    Heroes 4x03

    The Multifandom Sex Tropes Meme

    You know you're Tiptoe39 when...
    The uncanon meme
    The Fall Fandom Free-for-All
    My anime stereotype

    I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major Heroes Fan
    tiptoe39: a girl with magical powers should never be taken lightly (Default)
    I am the very model of a modern major Heroes fan
    I DVR the premiere even though I know the show's a pan
    I plan to watch each episode and every Monday night at work
    From 8 p.m. to 9 I'm so distracted that I'm quite a jerk

    I'm very well acquainted, too, with characters so shippable
    Petrellicest and Mylar and Mattmo are all so flippable
    Who's topping and who's bottoming is what goes through my dirty mind...
    I'm lucky that the actors in my show are all the purty kind!

    (She's lucky that the actors in her show are all the purty kind,
    She's lucky that the actors in her show are all the purty kind,
    She's lucky that the actors in her show are all the purty, purty kind!)

    I'm very good at writing fics, both het and slash and gen and femme
    I know the cliches I should well avoid when I am writing them
    In short, I do what all my fellow fangirl social zeroes can--
    I am the very model of a modern major Heroes fan.

    I know the mythic history of the Company and all that rot
    I know that Peter's natural, I know his brother Nathan's not
    I know the holes that permeate most of the continuity
    And where the cliches multiply into near-perpetuity

    I can tell just when Mohinder's accent gets all gentrified
    And made up explanations as to how Ted never ends up fried
    I can name the episodes when Muggles was a different dog
    And recite all the words from each infernal op'ning monologue!

    (And recite all the words from each infernal op'ning monologue!
    And recite all the words from each infernal op'ning monologue!
    And recite all the words from each infernal op'ning Momo-monologue!)

    I'll talk about the different outfits that we have seen Sylar don
    And tell you ev'ry color in the rainbows scarf that Mo puts on
    In short, I do what all my fellow fangirl social zeroes can--
    I am the very model of a modern major Heroes fan.

    (In short, she does what all her fellow fangirl social zeroes can--
    She is the very model of a modern major Heroes fan.)

    In fact, when I know what is meant by "Eclaire" and "Adonica"
    When I can play the Shankar theme near-flawless on harmonica
    When I read Beeman's Blog and I keep up on Wendy's Twitter feed
    And when I know precisely who's on set by what make-up they need...

    When I have learned to stay far from the drama (I know, finally!)
    When I make macro sets that make you ell-oh-ell and oh-emm-gee
    When I write porn and people's nether regions feel quite blown away
    You'll say a better major fangirl never set up an LJ

    (You'll say a better major fangirl never set up an LJ
    You'll say a better major fangirl never set up an LJ
    You'll say a better major fangirl never set up an LJ, LJ!)

    With all my dedication, though, I stay stuck on the job at night
    And when everyone's watching, to keep sane, a parody I write.
    But still, I do MOST of what all my fellow social zeroes can--
    I am the very model of a modern major Heroes fan.

    (But still, she does MOST of what all her fellow social zeroes can--
    She is the very model of a modern major Heroes fan.)
    tiptoe39: a girl with magical powers should never be taken lightly (Default)

    August Fandom Roundup

    Fanfic & Drabbles
    Revolutionary Boy Peter - Peter/Mohinder, PG
    Walk This Way - Sylar/Luke, PG-13
    Needful Things Sylar/Mohinder, NC-17
    Four After Midnight</> - Sylar/Mohinder, NC-17
    Taken Captive - Matt/Mohinder, NC-17
    Reposted from the HAKMII:

    Mohinder/Sylar, mirrors
    wee!Peter cuts himself with a knife; Nathan rolls his eyes
    A sadder kitchen-knife memory for Peter and Nathan
    Before the Con - Ando/Hiro/Daphne, NC-17
    I Never - Matt/Peter/Mohinder - R
    Nathan hears, then joins, Peter and Claire - NC-17
    Luke/Linderman - NC-17
    Five Lovers Peter and Gabriel Shared, and Two They Didn't - twinverse with multiple chars, NC-17

    Gooseflesh - Sam/Dean, R
    A Supernatural/Star Trek fusion

    AU in which Tosh is in charge
    Jack/Ianto - remember me
    PC Andy and Owen reflect on Gwen

    AU: Nero destroyed Earth, not Vulcan
    McCoy/Spock - "professional"

    Leverage: Nate/Eliot, sexual noises
    Merlin: Merlin/Arthur, smoke
    Original fiction: a story starter about the town of Roswell

    [livejournal.com profile] heroes_slash Best Adam Characterization award for The Fourth Night
    [livejournal.com profile] heroes_slash Best Matt/Mohinder Fic, R-NC-17, award for Realization

    13 Nausicaa, 21 Torchwood, 2 Supernatural icons

    Two Halves of a Sentence Fic Meme

    The i-envy-this-about-you meme (is now flocked, WTF?)


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