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SPOILERS for Supernatural 8x02....

1) the opening acting was atrocious. That kind of camp is way overdone in these past few seasons. They need to tone it down.

2) Life lesson: Never ask if there's anything more you can do for a creepy man holding a weird bone.

3) The phrase "short and curlies" needs to be stricken from the writers' room wall. That's the third time they've used it. It was moderately acceptable when Gabriel said it, but coming from Dean or Sam's mouth it just makes me want to poo.

4) Headcanon: When Kevin talked about wanting to make sure his mom was ok, Dean was totally OMG THAT'S HOW I FELT ABOUT CAS and that's why he relented.

5) Thought it was tasteless when Sam said "Tiger Mom." OK that's an actual asian person in your car and you're talking about his mother, unless Kevin told them stories about how his mom is actually known as a Tiger Mom, I'm NOT okay with this. Episode title notwithstanding.

6) Kevin was a LOT more sympathetic in this episode. The sheepishness and sincerity was back; he wasn't as cocky as he was last episode. I'm absolutely OK with this Kevin. Last episode's Kevin, not so much.

7) And Mom was awesome and Momlike, but EVERYTHING SHE SAID AND DID WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER IF SHE WAS JODY MILLS. cries all over own dcbb.

8) Also, Dean was totally milfing all over Mommy Tran. My husband was crying laughing at the tattoo scene.

9) OK, it was WAAAAAAAAAAAY too convenient that Sam was all "Oh, I just said the spell backward." I do not even BEGIN to believe you, sir. You have been UP TO SOME SHIT in the interim. Out of the life, my ASS.

10) "Thank you, Mr. Peanut." great line. My own comment was "It's Willy Wonka and the Douchebag Factory."

11) Did anyone else see Patrick Stewart as Gandhi in the auction scene?

12) The moose jokes are getting laid on a little thick, as clever as the vamoose and the squirrel lines were. See #1. The intentional humor is a little bit overdone.

13) So who here wanted to absolutely die of happiness when "alfie" showed up? I was so happy to see angels about, still sort of misguided and heartless but at least trying to do the right thing by the human race. Quite apart from the implications for how the show was going to treat Castiel -- "Too much heart" indeed. :)

14) Speaking of Castiel--

*flails, screams, dies, hugs whole world, and is generally incoherent.*


OK, so I wrote this meta on the body language in that scene on Tumblr, and it got fairly good reception. Going to paste it here. this was written during a rewatch during which I pretty much just paused it every two seconds and typed like a crazy person:


rewatching The Scene now. Starting a bit after the hug, because what can you say about the hug? Really?

Benny nods when Dean lights into Cas about running away. Benny WANTS them to fight. i don’t doubt it one bit.

The way Cas pauses before he says “…to keep them away from you.” He’s shy about his feelings, doesn’t want to show his weakness in front of the vampire, but he can’t lie to Dean. And Dean’s immediately swayed by it… and Benny looks slightly put out.

And when Benny says let’s go, and Dean says “hold on,” he never takes his eyes from Cas… he can’t look away… his concern is so fucking apparent and it’s heart breaking

And he says “WE’RE geting out of here. WE’RE going home.” It never even occurs to him to exclude Cas. Hell, I’m pretty sure even benny wasn’t in that “We.” He didn’t say “Benny found a way out, come with us.” He didn’t say “I found a way out.” He says “WE’RE getting out of here.”

Always looking at Cas. The whole time. He means “YOU AND ME.” and not “we FOUND a way out,” “WE’RE GETTING OUT.” positive. WE WILL GET HOME. trying to give Cas some hope.

“I can’t.”

“You can. Benny, tell ‘im.” Benny’s a tool. To help him get HIM AND CAS home.

And he SPREADS HIS ARMS. That’s such an open gesture. “buddy. I need you.” It’s an inclusive gesture. This whole time, he’s thinking in terms of him and Cas.

“I need you.”

*whirls on that for a long long time*

Talking about letting the leviathans take a shot at them “We can do it again” with that cocky smile, Dean’s remember how he and cas double-teamed Dick Roman. He wants Cas in the fight. With him. The camaraderie there. The memories of fighting with him.

When Cas demurs, Dean looks - not to Benny - but to the horizon, “let me bottom line it for you. I’m not leaving without you.” Doesn’t meet Cas’s eyes again until the last moment. He’s not taking argument on this. It’s decided. He’s positive.

And there’s such quiet patience and such BELIEF in his face when he says “Understand?”

Yeah, we understand, Dean.

And there’s no doubt in my mind that was your hand Cas was trying so hard to hold onto in the end, your face he was looking at, and that you were looking right at him until the very last moment when you finally knew all was lost.

Yeah. You’re getting him back.


Ahem. Back to your regularly scheduled meta.

15) OK, I am pretty sure the angels have their own agenda. I expect [CASTING SPOILERS] will tell us a bit about that. Am VERY excited for that storyline. I love the angels because of that whole morally gray authority figure trope. It really does it for me.

16) So we've finally seen Crowley's red eyes. He is in fact a demon. He is just a Red Velvet demon, as opposed to all those Devil's Food demons.

17) SO ALL THE AVENGERS FUSIONS ARE CANON, IS WHAT YOU'RE TELLING ME. I am now sure that Sam is not short for Samuel, it's short for Samson. Fabulous hair and incredible strength. Ahem. Yes.

18) Is Sam's ability to wield the hammer another part of the what's-Sam-hiding mystery, though? I don't think they really went into the who can-and-can't-wield it in this show, though, did they? That's just borrowed Avengers canon. I'm overthinking.

19) I really love how Crowley speaketh the trutheth and makes the boys wiggle. That to me is his true value in this show. He sees their weaknesses better than anyone since Azazel.

20) DOES ANYONE DOUBT THAT DEAN TRIED TO PULL CAS OUT WITH HIM NOW? Either that was Dean, and he hung on until the last minute, or that was Benny, and BENNY, not Cas, let go. In which case I think Dean will be pissed. We'll see what happened. I see Benny as a force for discord here, in case my earlier meta didn't make it clear. He wants to drive wedges between Dean and Cas. One wonders why, and what he knows, or if he's just acting in self-preservation. If so, why try to poison what Dean thought of Cas in those first few minutes they met? No. Not trusting Ben-ben. And that makes me like him better. I'm more likely to enjoy a new enemy than a new friend.


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